Foundation Students

Maths ajOur Foundation students have been hard at work since returning in term two!

Holiday writingWe are working our way through learning the sounds of the alphabet and understanding the number of sounds some letters, such as vowels, can make.

Foundation students have come a long way since the beginning of term 1! We have learnt how to hold our pencil correctly, write out name with a capital letter at the start and are beginning to independently write words thinking about the sounds we can hear. We have spent alot of time on letters, words and sentences and this is evident in our emerging writing.

Disocvery Day 3

Each week the Foundation students venture out to Stones Reserve or Somers Beach and take part in Discovery Day. Discovery Day is favorable part of the week where children are immersed in nature. Each week, children are given free play time off site and then come back together and take part in a learning experience. When children return to school, they take part in a reflection on their thinking, experiences and wonderings.

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