The Arts

Visual Arts

Somers Primary School provides a comprehensive Visual Arts program with all children receiving access to dsc_0004specialist art classes.

The Arts has two dimensions:

Creating and Making
This dimension focuses on ideas, skills, techniques, processes, performances and presentations.

Exploring and Responding
This dimension focuses on context, interpreting and responding, criticism and aesthetics. It involves analysing and developing understanding about one’s own and other people’s work.

Publications and Exhibitions

Artwork created by the students of Somers Primary School has been exhibited at Zart Art Student Gallery, Red Hill Show, Peninsula Festival of the Arts and the Frankston Arts Centre. The students and school have won numerous awards for their artwork.

Students’ artwork features in a variety of publications including Teacher Resources used throughout Australia and New Zealand. Students are involved in creating art installations around the school as part of our Arts program.

imgp0042Arts Fair

Somers Primary School runs a highly successfully Arts Fair in October each year which is widely supported by the local and wider community. We have a unique relationship with many local artists who are generous with their time and skills. They are regularly involved in our Arts Program and contribute greatly to the Arts Fair.

Kids Art Exhibition

Students at Somers Primary School are very involved with the Arts Fair. They create many art pieces to be sold and also put on a Kids Art Exhibition to showcase their work to the public.

Totem Poles

Many artists create unique totem poles to be auctioned at the Arts Fair. Artists also come to the school to work with students to create totem poles. Each year an artist works with the Grade 6 students to create a pole that remains at the school as a memory of their time at Somers.

Instrumental Program

Somers Primary School provides students with an opportunity to learn an instrument within school hours. Guitar and piano lessons are offered to all students. Students have the opportunity to perform regularly at assembly and at the end of each year we hold an Instrumental Concert to celebrate the musical talents of our students.


We have a Junior and Senior School Choir. Junior Choir is for Year 1-3 and Senior Choir is for Year 4-6. Anybody can join and practice takes place during lunchtime. We have uniquely designed Somers Choir t-shirts to wear to our performances. We have performed a joint concert with the Somers Probus Men’s Choir. Other performances include the opening of the local Bendigo Bank, the Arts Fair, Open Night, school concerts and the local kindergarten.

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