Physical Education & Sport

Foundation – Grade 2 Physical Education

Physical Education

The Physical Education program in the junior classes aims to develop fundamental movement skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, coordination and strength.

All children participate in a weekly, 45 minute Physical Education lesson which emphasises the development of all fundamental skills. Specific skills are taught and reinforced in a variety of minor games and activities. All activities are implemented with the aim of developing every child’s physical skills and to emphasise the development of a confident, positive attitude towards physical activity and sport.

Perceptual Motor Program

All children in Foundation take part in our Perceptual Motor program. This program runs for 30 minutes and is held bi-weekly, alternating between the two classes. It aims to develop a range of very specific gross motor and fine motor skills in all children. We believe the development of good physical skills and the concepts of movement associated with this program have a very positive effect on the learning and the performance of each child in the early years of their schooling.

Grades 3-6 Physical Education

Physical Education

The Physical Education program concentrates on the development of specific sport and movement skills in the context of minor games, major games and skill drills. The skills practised include throwing, hitting, kicking, stopping and catching in a variety of ball games; running, skipping, jumping and changing direction in a variety of sports and athletic activities. A variety of movement skills are also developed in our gymnastics program.


Somers Primary School has a comprehensive sports program. We play major games in our weekly, one-hour sports session. We also compete in the Hastings District Primary School Sports Association throughout the year in a range of sports. These include swimming sports, football, netball, basketball, soccer, cricket, volleystars, t-ball, bat-tennis, as well as District Cross Country and triathlon competitions.

Our Runners Club is a twice-weekly before school running activity which is managed members of the Somers Primary School community.


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