Mathematics plays a extensive role in the Somers Primary School curriculum with a strong focus on using hands on materials, being highly engaged and solving real world tasks. Mathematics is a tool for making sense of and operating within the real world. It is an essential form of communicating in our society. Mathematics requires an understanding of rules, fact and processes and a pattern of reasoning that translates into everyday life, creating efficient thinkers.

The Somers maths curriculum is guided by the Victorian Curriculum and organised into the three strands of :

  1. Number and Algebra
  2. Measurement and Geometry
  3. Statistics and Probability

We also teach proficiencies that are fundamental to the learning of mathematics and working mathematically. The proficiencies are :

  • Understanding
  • Fluency
  • Problem Solving and :
  • Reasoning

Early Years Numeracy Interview –

All prep – year 2 students at Somers PS spend time 1 on 1 with their teachers working through the Early Years Numeracy interview each year. This tool is used to determine students’ existing mathematical knowledge in 9 different areas. It provides students, teachers and families with accurate data regarding the stepping stones along the path to mathematical understanding

Essential Assessment  

All year 3-6 students at Somers PS participate in regular independent  online assessments to diagnose their level of knowledge in the different mathematical areas. It provides teachers and students with current data that supports accurate goal setting and explicit teaching of skills. Essential Assessment provides aligned curriculum to grow each students’ knowledge from their current understanding.

Teaching of maths at Somers

The Somers PS Explicit Teaching Model ensures all maths lessons include the components of:

  • fluency practice
  • sharing of learning intentions
  • explicit teaching of skills
  • opportunity to practice and small group teacher focus
  • review of learning