Mathematics plays a extensive role in the Somers Primary School curriculum with a strong focus on hands on engagement and problem solving. Mathematics is a tool for making sense of and operating within the real world. It is an essential form of communicating in our society. Mathematics requires an understanding of rules, fact and processes and a pattern of reasoning that translates into everyday life, creating efficient thinkers.

Maths Rotations

Somers Primary School prides itself on a unique weekly whole school Maths Rotation allowing us to cater for individual students to ensure they are working at their own point of need. Children are pretested on each Number topic and grouped according to their ability. Each Wednesday from 11.30am to 1pm, children take part in numeracy activities across the school. They work with children of similar ability and are post-tested at the end of the unit to reflect their learning and results.

Mathematics Extension

This program targets students across the school who have been identified with strengths and interests in Mathematics. Groups of up to ten students of like ability are withdrawn to be further extended and challenged in Mathematics. Tasks are provided to cater for a wide range of interests, talents and abilities. Activities and lessons are designed to give interesting, varied and motivational problem-solving and hands-on experiences.

During the hands-on experiences, the students manipulate materials, solve open-ended problems, make estimates, construct shapes and patterns, draw, reason, make models and investigate. Students are provided with the opportunity in small groups, to discuss and share strategies used to solve problems and debate the advantages and disadvantages of one strategy over another.

This program also provides opportunities for students to enter into extra-curricular external Mathematics competitions and challenges.

Mathematics Support

To cater for students who need greater time and more practice to master certain skills, Mathematics Support classes are provided. Students, in small groups of up to six, are withdrawn. The focus in this program is to build confidence, enjoyment and skill in all number operations, measurement and space, with a strong emphasis on basic number facts.