Literacy development is key to the programs run here at Somers Primary School. Our Literacy programs enable students to work individually and in small group situations using a variety of learning tools to cater for individual needs and differences.The junior grades offer many hands on literacy experiences with a strong focus on phonics in order to engage and develop our students in this area. As students move through the middle school they continue to progress in Literacy through participation in Reading Programs that focus on teaching literal and inferential comprehension strategies while promoting rich discussion about a range of texts. Students develop skills in Writing through the implementation of VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation) and the Big Write. This comprehensive Writing program is aimed at developing the key components of writing and encourages children to become articulate thinkers, speakers and writers.


Literacy Support Programs

IMG_1209Somers Primary provides a comprehensive Literacy Support Program including:

  • The Reading Intervention Program.
  • The Language Support Program.
  • Speech Pathology Referrals.

The Reading Intervention Program delivers individual programs to students on a daily basis and Language Support provides Literacy development to individuals or small groups.

Literacy Extension

In addition to classroom activities, Literacy extension occurs through participation in:

  • Drama groups.
  • Book circles.
  • Premiers’ Reading Challenge.
  • Debating and Socratic Seminars.

Participation in Book Circles enriches the students’ knowledge of Literacy through classic literature exploration and the development of mature reading skills.

Being involved in drama groups encourages students to celebrate their Literacy achievements and develop confidence in their oral language skills.