Indonesian Program

In 2019 Somers Primary School introduced studies of the language and culture of our nearest neighbour, Indonesia. Students from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6 participate in 45 minute sessions with a qualified LOTE (Language Other than English) teacher. Our dedicated Indonesian classroom provides an ideal language learning environment in which students can immerse themselves.

Indo Pic WebsiteIn studying Indonesian students gain valuable language learning skills which transfer to their first language and provide them with the ideal stepping stone to future language studies in secondary school. The program aims to promote second language acquisition in a fun and interactive way. Students:

  • focus on the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • learn through language games, songs, stories, puzzles, oral language practice, role play, multi-media resources and written activities
  • acquire knowledge of Indonesian vocabulary, grammar and language structures related to their daily life and the world around them
  • build confidence in speaking a second language in front of their class mates and
  • are required to work as both an individual and as part of a group.

As outlined in the Victorian Curriculum our LOTE program also focuses on deepening intercultural understanding which is important in our ever expanding global community. Students participate in activities related to Indonesian art, animals, puppets, masks, legends, celebrations, music, food, daily life and contemporary society.


Why learn a LOTE?

  • It’s fun!
  • It helps develop our communication skills.
  • It helps develop and improve our abilities in Writing, Reading and Mathematics.
  • We gain some proficiency in communicating in another language.
  • It helps develop our skills in flexible thinking and program solving.
  • It broadens our job skills and career options.
  • We develop (through the language) an understanding of the social conventions of other cultures, allowing us to participate more effectively in a multicultural world. Language is one of the chief ways in which people show who they are and where they belong. Learning a language provides you with a better understanding of your own language and culture.
  • It makes travel in other countries more enjoyable; if you move away from the regular tourist routes, you quickly notice that not everyone in the world speaks English. The more we know about the language(s) of the country we are exploring, the more we shall be rewarded with a visit that is insightful and comfortable.