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Welcome to the Somers Primary School website.

Established in 1930, Somers Primary School is small community primary school located in Somers, Victoria. The school has grown in the past few years, and the school’s current enrolment is close to 300 students, many of whom come from outside our local area. Somers still retains the unique characteristics of a small school. The school’s Student Family Occupation and Education Index indicates a higher socio-economic family population compared with the Victorian median. The school staff consists of a Principal and Assistant Principal, 16 teachers and around 18 support staff. Somers Primary School prides itself on being a positive and inclusive learning environment. Around 6% of students coming from families connected to the closely-located Cerberus Naval Base, 5% indigenous students and around 15 students receiving additional funding under the Program for Students with Disabilities.

Somers Primary School provides a diverse and engaging curriculum focused on meeting the personalised needs of each student. To do this, we offer a range of classroom, specialist and extra curricula programs in the school. Somers Primary School is supported by an amazing parent and family community who contribute to a range of projects and programs around the school. The school works harmoniously with local community groups and organisations to nurture the unique character of the Somers community.

Somers Primary School has grown rapidly in the past few years based on its culture of care and excellence. We are committed to do all we can to enhance the development of every child.

The school’s core values are Learning, Respect, Engagement and Collaboration. We recognise that as a school, we promote the learning and development of students, their families, staff and the education system.

Somers Primary School offers a strong academic tradition with children being able to undertake advanced programs in English and Mathematics. Children with additional learning needs are supported through a program of one on one or small group intervention. For those children who excel we offer Book Circles and Advanced Mathematics. Each year a significant proportion of students compete in national science, literacy and numeracy assessments.

Our curriculum focuses on the skills children need to prosper in a contemporary context with English, Mathematics and Science providing a key focus for their learning. Children from Foundation to year six learn in specialist Science lessons which use the latest technology to build a culture which values Science and Technology. Children in Years 5 and 6 learn how to use Computer Aided Design software to design and 3D print components which are used in the science program as part of an active STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program. All year 3-6 students undertake regular scientific literacy assessments to ensure our program is positively impacting their development of scientific knowledge and skills. Located just 250 metres from beautiful Somers Beach on Westernport Bay and within close walking distance to a Koala Reserve, students are able engage in authentic Biological Science investigations in their local community.

The use of computers is encouraged, with the school having access to a large number of state of the art technologies. Children in Prep have access to i-Pad computers, whilst older children are encouraged to use the notebook computers provided by the school. Children are taught to use technology as a tool, learning the Microsoft suite of programs as well as an active program of learning Coding using “Scratch and “Lightbot”.

The Arts are valued with a focus on the performing and visual arts. Each Year Somers Primary School holds and Arts Fair whose proceeds provide excellent facilities for children. The children are encouraged to express themselves using a variety of media and to celebrate a passion or artistic endeavours. Many students access private tuition in singing, guitar, piano and drums at our school.

Sport and activity are encouraged, with children having weekly Physical Education classes combined with sports sessions for middle and upper school students. Runner’s club operates before school twice a week and a Federal Government sports program operates after school. The school has an upgraded basketball court and sports oval, and makes regular use of the adjacent Stone Reserve for a number of lunchtime sporting groups and regular athletics carnivals.

Care for the environment is also a feature of the school with our Environmental Captains encouraging the recycling of lunch scraps and participating in conservation activities, including the Dolphin Research Institute.

Indonesian is taught as a Language Other Than English from Year F-6. In addition we teach our children to value other cultures by understanding that different cultures will view the world for their own perspective and that we need to value and embrace the diversity of all peoples.

Our ultimate aim is to provide our children with the skills that they can use in the future to become effective and successful members of the 21st Century Australian and world communities.

Principal – Hugh Greer

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