Established in 1930, Somers Primary School is small community primary school located in Somers, Victoria, on the shores of Westernport Bay. The school has grown in the past few years, and the school’s current enrolment is close to 300 students, many of whom come from outside our local area. Despite this growth, Somers still retains the unique characteristics of a small school. The school’s Student Family Occupation and Education Index is around 0.31, indicating a higher socio-economic family population compared with the Victorian median. The school staff consists of a Principal and Assistant Principal, 16.1 FTE teachers and around 14 FTE support staff.


Somers Primary School prides itself on being a positive and inclusive learning environment. Around 6% of students coming from families connected to the closely-located Cerberus Naval Base, 5% indigenous students and around 15 students receiving additional funding under the Program for Students with Disabilities.


Somers Primary School runs a well-attended Out of School Hours Care service for families.


Somers Primary School provides a diverse and engaging curriculum focused on meeting the personalised needs of each student. To do this, we offer a range of classroom, specialist and extra curricula programs in the school, including Visual and Performing Arts, Sport and Physical Education, Science and Digital Technologies, Indonesian, Student Wellbeing Programs, Literacy and Numeracy intervention and extension and much more.


Somers Primary School is supported by an amazing parent and family community who contribute to a range of projects and programs around the school, including Book Circles, the Somers School Garden, Somers Primary School Council and the Annual Somers Primary School Arts Fair. The school works harmoniously with local community groups and organisations to nurture the unique character of the Somers community.


During the 2017, the school developed a new strategic plan to continue to improve learning outcomes across the curriculum, and enhance student engagement and wellbeing across the school. The school is focused on using evidence to create a personalised, relevant and engaging curriculum and teaching approach for students that ensures that all children are making greater than expected growth in their learning. To achieve this, a number of structural changes have recently taken place to enable professional learning, staff collaboration and consistent teaching approaches.

Our school values Learning, Respect, Engagement and Collaboration.

School values, philosophy and vision

Somers Primary School’s Statement of Values and School Philosophy are integral to the work that we do and form the foundation of our school community. Students, staff and members of our school community are encouraged to live and demonstrate our core values of Learning, Respect, Engagement and Collaboration at every opportunity.

Our school’s vision is to enhance learning, wellbeing and engagement outcomes for all students through the application of evidence-based, high-impact teaching and learning.

Key Values

Our Somers Primary School Values are CLEaR.







Somers Primary School is located in an excellent garden setting providing a range of spaces for children to engage in physical activities, quiet games and creative play. The school’s gardens and grounds are where children learn to value and respect their local environment. Children are provided with opportunities to participate in an Aquaponics program, operate worm farms, manage water savings and monitor the amount of electricity generated by solar panels on the school roof.

Our new state of the art building is a shared, flexible space which provides a modern learning environment to support our student’s needs and a range of programs across the school curriculum. Older buildings have recently been refurbished inside to include the provision of interactive white boards.

The School operates an Out of School Hours Care Program to provide support to working parents.

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in their children’s education by assisting in classrooms, in out of hours programs and through School Council. The ideas and views of parents are most welcome and contribute to future development of the school.