5/6 Students

School has been superly – duperly awesome so far.  We have done a heap of new greatly extravagant things, including energetic Cross-country, district cross- country, interesting talks about bushfires and natural disasters, special ANZAC day commemorations and lots of fascinating new things to learn. During the term the environmental captains will be going to Port Phillip Bay for a dolphin research excursion. We have had more opportunities this term than ever before, like this term we are doing  debates against our other class mates, interesting and enjoyable subjects for big write and BTN (Behind the news. A note-taking video clip that is very knowledgeable).  The talk about natural disasters is fascinating. We were just learning about the drought in Tuvalu and other natural disasters and how they were created. We are really happy with the work we are receiving at Somers.

By Alex and Zoe

School Captains 2016


administrator5/6 Students