3/4 Students

3:4 page 2This term the 3/4s are excited about their learning and motivated to explore and discover new concepts and ideas.

The students continue to participate enthusiastically in our VCOP and Big Write program. They are learning to write persuasive text and we are so impressed with how the 3/4s are expressing opinions and backing up their point of view with well thought out reasons. We’ve been discussing a variety of topics like the importance of learning how to cook, changing rules and laws and arguing whether cats are better than dogs.

The 3/4s continue to work hard on learning their times tables. We are so proud of how far they’ve come this semester in automatic response to their focus times table. Students are also looking closely at Mathematical concepts like Statistics and Probability where they’ve been making spinners, using ICT 3:4 Picsprograms and learning language to describe the chance of events occurring. Our Maths program continues to revolve around hands-on experiences and engaging Maths games with a weekly focus on mental maths strategies and the four operations.

In our Inquiry Unit we have been looking at the environment and sustainability. The students have come up with lots of questions, wonderings and interests about the environment and how we can live more sustainably. We have been discussing what we do with our rubbish and graphing our results.




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