1/2 Students!

12 B pic1/2 B have been investigating ‘flip’ ‘slide’ and ‘turn’ during our maths lessons. Children worked in pairs and made amazing shapes with duplo. They then slid their shapes across the table, turned their shapes different ways and flipped their shapes over to see how this changed the perspective of their shape. By doing this they learned about the mathematical  concepts of slide, turn and flip. They could see that if you slide a shape along the shape still remains the same. if you rotate it, the shape changes its direction and if you flip the shape it becomes a mirror image of itself – or as one student insight fully exclaimed, “It looks like the opposite like in a mirror!” We enjoyed this fun maths activity.


In 1/2E we are currently learning about time. We are learning how to tell the time to o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have done lots of work with the small clocks, built our own clocks, played lots of time games on the Interactive TV, we had a scavenger hunt and have done many more activities.

administrator1/2 Students!